Friday, May 24, 2013

Financial Update May 24

Time to Celebrate!

Praise God for His provision through His children.  Recently another gift came in that brought my support to completion!  I am incredibly grateful to all of you who have prayer and given.

More good news- the personal support for my teammates is also in!  Ain't it awesome?  I think so!

There is, however, still a need for about $1,500 more to have the full amount needed to pay for the Choose Life Conference we're doing in Yogyakarta.  Pray with me about this.  My church, Grace Life Community Church, has been trusting God to bring in the amount needed to cover this expense through regular missions giving.  There's still time before we leave, and the same God who helped us raise $4K in a little more than a month can raise the remaining $1,500.  

Just so you know.  Any gifts that come in for any of the team members will be applied to the $1,500.  If you'd like to give a gift of any amount, we welcome you to throw your hat into the ring!

Click Here to make a secure, online contribution now.

In Other News

We have been busy planning our schedule and organizing accommodation, transportation, translators and so on.  Kris and Asri have been SUPER busy with their ongoing ministry, their kids, serious illness in their family and other things, but they are still working hard to prepare for our coming.  Please keep them in your prayers!  Pray for clarity of communication between me and them.  We do most of that on Facebook Chat and email.  It's easy to misunderstand one another, especially when we're working in a second language in which I'm quite rusty and a twelve hour time difference.  Early in the morning here, is late at night in Bali- 12 hours difference.  So as I'm writing this on Friday at 3:30pm in the US, it is Saturday at 3:30am on Bali.

Schedule Highlights

  • June 29- Depart Washington
  • July 1 @ 7pm- Arrive in Denpasar
  • July 2 @ 10am- Depart for Yogyakarta
  • July 3 - Choose Life Conference Begins
  • July 5 - Choose Life Conference Ends
  • July 6 - R & R + Sat. Evening Ministry Opportunity
  • July 7 @ 7:25am- Depart Yogya
  • July 7 - Preaching at ROCK Church on Bali
  • July 8 - Preparation for Marriage Conference
  • July 9 - Full Day- Life Choices in Marriage Conference (ROCK Church, Bali)
  • July 10-11 - CLI Encouragement & Training
  • July 11 - Rectors Depart for US
  • July 12 - Bob Leaves for India
  • July 14 - John Departs for US
  • July 15 - John Arrives in US